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Nick Pacheco will represent you in civil litigation cases


Criminal Law

In the Court of Law
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Ley de Familia

Family Law

Insurance Law
Ley de Inmobiliaria

Real Estate Law

Stop a Forclosure

Our legal representatives, analyze your case without any cost

$ 325000

Money recovered to customers

A good lawyer makes the difference in each case won. With the corresponding monetary compensation.

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$ 125000

Bonds recovered this Year

Sometimes they can be found in difficult situations and may not be able to resolve them without going to a good lawyer.

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Legal Representatión in cases of dispute

Nick Pacheco also represents it in cases of civil litigation such as divorce, child and spousal maintenance.



Be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the experiences more difficult than a person can experience. In addition to being detained, you may lose your driver's license. Nick Pacheco Law Group has the knowledge and experience with respect to laws and regulations of a DUI and the DMV (California Department of automobiles) to defend their rights under the laws of California.



Our immigration services covers visas investors, students, fiance visas visa, visas type H, visas type B, citizenships, L-type visas, visas of immigrants for employment authorization, and many other immigration services including deportation defense, citizenship, representation in immigration court, representation for detainees, pardons, asylum, work permits, entry, request to reopen permits a case , Family petition, action deferred Daca, Dapa permission of work TPS, temporary Visas and extensions of Visas, representation for the interview of the credible fear, NACARA and all types of Visas.


Criminal Law

Nick Pacheco Law Group understands the tensions and challenges to face a criminal investigation. We have legal capacity, experience and dedication to help you with these challenges.

What our Clients Say About Our Services

We do not take a case without first making a prior assessment.

Familia Rivera
Family of Dog Shot and Killed Speaks Out

Lawyer Nick Pacheco has taken the case to the Rivera family. He wrote that Brad Pitt was shot by the officer to have access to the backyard. Police Guy Toussaint said the dog died outside the fence, the officer was attacked by the dog and had to defend himself.

Each step towards the justice requires of suffering and struggle; the tireless concern of people like you, that I dedicate to my case. Thanks.

Martin Gonzales / West Hills | Cutter Opertaor

Never forget the professionalism, honesty and the understanding that I sensed when I was stressed by my case.

Monica Lopez / Northridge CA | Secretary

Only want to give them to you and to all your team that fought by me, my more sincere thanks from the background of my heart by what made by me. Simply you guys saved my life.

Jose Campora / Woodland Hills CA | Architect

I am happy because the DUI charges were dismissed, but before that I felt I was also sure that I was in the best possible hands. Not hesitation in recommend your firm legal to any that is seen in the same unfortunate position.

Luis Alvarado / Pacoima CA | Employee of Supermarket

My sincere gratitude by giving them hard.

Gloria Solis / Panorama City CA | Secretary

It is a pleasure to pay tribute to the law firm of Nick Pacheco Law Group, for being a firm entirely professional and competent. This firm truly sets the parameters by which all the law firms should guide.

Leandro Spina North Hollywood CA | Gas Station Employee

My DUI charges were removed, I was always sure that I was in the best possible hands. Not hesitation in recommend Nick Pacheco Law Group to any that are seen in the same unfortunate position as I it was.

Alberto Garcia Oakland CA | Supermarket employee

I'll be always grateful to Nick Pacheco Law Group, to defend me in this difficult case. Their invaluable experience, knowledge of the law in court, I attempted a very unexpected and optimal result. I highly recommend them.

Ricardo Salcedo, Fresno CA | Mechanic

From my first contact with Mr. Nick Pacheco, continuous communication and representation at Court of my case, its signature successfully showed that I was innocent of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs (DUI). Highly recommended.

Dario Mesina, West LA | Machine Operator

After evaluating your case, we give legal options to begin to develop the defence

Toughest Defense Lawyer Obtained The Best Results

At Nick Pacheco Law Group, we take responsibility with our clients seriously.

Immigracion Law

We are the Best
  • Green Cards
  • Citizenship
  • Visas for professionals (Visa H1B)
  • Request to Reopen a Case
  • Temporary Work Visa
  • Status of Residence

Criminal Law

Representation in Court
  • Criminal Defense
  • Drugs Possession
  • Gun Crime
  • Crime of Robbery
  • Order of Arrest
  • Criminal Investigations


Representation in Court
  • Defense of Charge
  • Court Representation
  • Fight the charge
  • Reduce the charges
  • Prevent the suspension DL
  • Get an acquittal after a trial

Real Estate Law

Protect Your Home
  • Foreclosure
  • Judicial Enforcement
  • Period of Grace
  • Right of Redemption
  • Postponement For Sale Property
  • Mortgage Modification

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We offer a Broad Range

of Law Services

Immigration • Criminal Defense • Lender Liability • DUI • Employment Law • Civil Litigation


The Law in Court

Together with the broad knowledge Nick Pacheco Law Group, leverages the experience legal solid to work in different courts.



Justice does not give or distribute things to humanity, but know decide to whom belongs everything right.

DUI Round1


If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you should understand all of the defenses that may be available to you.


Employment Law

The rights of the worker are protected by laws federal and State. Knowing your rights as a worker will allow you to enforce them.

We understand that difficult is to confront the institutions of powerful, with no guarantee of success

Therefore, we strive to offer sound advice and targeted legal help tailored to our clients’ values, goals, and limited means with the goal of a resolution that will offer our clients what they most want in these troubling times; Peace of mind.

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